About Us

Why Choose a Woodhead Home?

Forget the stereotypes of new homes…

In a world where building new homes is about quantity, we strive to provide quality, genuinely usable spaces and choice.  The Combination of passionate architects working with talented interior designers and an award winning local construction company is the formula for success.

A Woodhead Home has four key areas that sets it apart from the rest…


We want you to enjoy flexible living spaces that you can truly feel at home in. Space is an incredibly important part of our day to day lives. We stand out by being generous and caring about how the home is going to be lived in.  Our use of space is smart and considerate. In all our houses we have created rooms with their function in mind.


Our architects and interior designers have thought things through. A Woodhead home is designed for your family to enjoy spending time with each other.  Generous gardens provide the perfect outdoor space for alfresco dining, playing games or taking some time to relax.


A Woodhead home allows families to function without compromising on things that are important to them. We offer wonderful combinations of open plan living and private sanctuaries, and community space so that together we can build your dream home, one that you love for a life.


Fabric first construction principles mean our homes are cost effective to run. We are passionate about enhancing communities, our involvement begins even before the pre-planning stage and lasts long after the final home has been sold.