Guide To Keeping Active, By Rufford Pastures Resident



David Fletcher a Personal Trainer who lives at Rufford Pastures has been keeping residents fit and healthy, whilst keeping safe and secure, during lockdown. He has kindly created a top tip guide on how to keep moving and the benefits of it.

“I’m not working as much as I was before Lockdown as I am currently knee deep in home schooling as most working parents probably are. I rightly or wrongly thought I’d have more time now to train and work on some of my niggles however there are different pressures and you get into different habits due to the changes.”

So here are some of David’s top tips for physical and mental health during the current lockdown…

1) Look to plan small windows for quick workouts to have a break from either your work or helping with the kids work! 20 -30 mins max!
2) Have a walk at the end of the day (with the kids, they probably need it too!) clear your head and get some fresh air! I am lucky to have beautiful rural surroundings on my door step!
3) Drink water! It’s not just for the summer! It will help with the cleansing of your system and your body needs it to survive! If you can’t drink water straight just add a tiny bit of squash to help make it more palatable.

The benefits of keeping active during this time are vitally important to keep a fresh mind set for…

• Staying positive and motivated
• Keeping your body moving and injury free
• Promoting better sleep
• Boosting your energy

Ways to exercise in your home with little or no equipment …

“Bodyweight is the key as most people will know, a full body workout 2-3 times a week will work wonders for anyone starting out or trying to maintain your fitness during this time. It is not necessarily a time to progress your training however it is a time to set small attainable goals mainly around consistency and adherence to ensure you feel good.”

David recommends a workout may look like this…

“Set a timer for 20 second work, then 10 second rest, then work through the following exercises… 8 rounds of each with a 1min rest between.

Examples of exercises:

• Squats (can jump)
• Press ups
• Leg lunges
• Ab crunches
• Burpees
• High knee running
• Mountain climbers

“Pretty basic however it’s about moving… and working from home can often be difficult when it comes to finding the space… although this is one of the many qualities to living in a Rufford Pastures home… the spacious rooms! Other than space, it’s a room you feel comfortable in, comfort is key!”

*This is a blog and helpful guide from a guest – people should consult their doctor before starting any exercise program or changing their diet.