My Rufford Pastures New Home Journey



One of our new residents at Rufford Pastures have kindly shared with us their new home journey, as they begin their new life in one of our Shortleaf, 5 double bedroom homes.

“Well where do I start…

We always said that our forever home would be in the countryside and the options were Cheshire or Derbyshire as we originate from Manchester. Things soon changed with our Sons football and Husbands work. The accessibility to the M1 or A1 was Key.

March 2020 we browsed at properties with a village location and viewed a couple of character properties in East Bridgeford as we were moving from a Victorian One with high ceilings, basement, coving etc. Location was lovely, the properties were nice but too small.

On our journey home I spoke to my friend and colleague who has a beautiful home at Rufford Pastures who invited us over and suggested we look at the show home which was The shortleaf. Immediately we said we weren’t interested in a new build, but we would have a look…

Well that was it. We were hooked. What we were surprised at was the high ceilings and the light. The design externally and internally was unique. We fell in love with the mezzanine on the 2nd floor too.

After number crunching, we decided that location and being on a smaller unique development ticked our boxes and we would go for a Foxtail and keep our current property.

We then decided that we wanted a South facing garden and with 14 years of personal belongings that we had accumulated a garage was now needed.

Kerry and Alison have been amazing they even know my number I’ve called up that many times.

Plot 44 was on our radar as it had a South facing garden and garage. We were contemplating converting it to a 5 bed but that seemed stressful. We weren’t first in the queue for this one, so it wasn’t looking likely.

Well I cannot tell you how many times we visited the development socially and to view but what we couldn’t settle with was not having the mezzanine. We went back to the drawing board and decided that to be more comfortable we will sell our home in Sheffield, worst case scenario we would rent it out and go for the Shortleaf. So, we registered our interest in Plot 30 overlooking the farmers field, what a view.

I monitored the site map daily and I could reel off what was sold what was available. Sounds sad but you know when you want something you make sure you get it.

This was not the case this time. I received a call to say if I had reserved Plot 30. To my surprise it was shaded yellow on the site plan. We were gutted…I had already planned rooms furnishings etc.

We looked elsewhere but it just wasn’t the same feel as the Rufford Pastures development.

After sulking we returned to the development and sat down with Kerry and said that we would like to be on reserve for Plot 30 as we had sold but would consider Plot 51.

Kerry said that’s great and that they had redone the final phase but Plot 51 was now Plot 48 and it was now a 4 bed.

Well our Jaw dropped. So, we asked if they could change it back to a 5. Cut a long story short they did.

We visited throughout the build from looking at a muddy verge to the final stages. In between these visits we got to know a few of the neighbours and discovered more places to visit which were added bonuses.

So, our journey lasted 15 months with highs and lows and we are still pinching ourselves that we are residents of Rufford Pastures.

We wake up in the morning and feel like we are on holiday.

The neighbours that we have met have made us very welcome.

We can’t thank Kerry and Alison enough for all that they have done, the communication they have given out of hours and how accommodating they have been were possible.

Thanks again.”