Simply Natural Cleaning and Body Care



There is a green cleaning and body care revolution taking place right across the UK as households look to make the most of more time inside by taking their cleaning to the next level and unwinding with the most luxurious and artisan beauty products.

Woodhead Homes have teamed up with Edwinstowe based SimpleyNatural, to explore some of the best natural cleaning and beauty products out there and the reasons why they are becoming even more popular. After all that cleaning, there is no better way to relaxing and unwinding than pampering yourself with some of the best natural products out there.

Trisha, who founded SimpleyNatural shares her top three tips to for one of the best natural cleaning products out there Bicarbonate of Soda.

  1. Nearly every surface in your kitchen can benefit from the bicarb sparkle treatment. Mixed with water, it can clean countertops, stainless-steel sinks, microwaves and cooker hoods!
  2. If your kid’s artistic crayoning efforts end up all over the wall, lightly brush with a clean damp sponge sprinkled in bicarb, it help lift certain colours!
  3. Give your bathroom a dazzle, bicarb will bring the sparkle back to your tub, tiles and sink. Rinse to reveal gleaming surfaces and get ready to relax.

After all that cleaning what better way to relax and unwind in one of the beautiful bathrooms at Rufford Pastures. Simply Natural have produced a sumptuous range of personal care and beauty products. Fill the room with fragrance from products crafted by artisans often in small batches.

  1. Tea Tree soap. Made with tea tree essential oil, which has been used by the aborigines for years for its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal qualities combined with a fresh herbal scent. A perfect soap for everyday use, its Vegan friendly and doesn’t come in a single use plastic container!
  2. Epsom bath salts are said to ease stress, flush out toxins, ease migraines and relieve aches and pain in the joints as associated with arthritic pain. For many years the wives of manual labourers such as miners and land workers put Epsom Salt their husband’s baths to ease their joint and muscle pains, adding dried flowers and herbs to enhance the bath making them feel relaxed and refreshed.
  3. Money might not grow on trees, but Loofahs do! Unique and quirky, every one is different but totally natural. Harvested yearly, loofahs are great for a light exfoliation and for a good scrub in the bath or shower. The loofah comes from hot climates and is part of the cucumber family!

Everyone at Rufford Pastures is so pleased to have been able to work with SimpleyNatural who supply our show home with fantastic products. They are based in Edwinstowe at Forest Corner and while they are still open, they are operating differently at the moment and can take orders online:


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Always refer back to manufactures cleaning and maintenance guidelines.