Great Recipe Ideas from Launay’s Local Restaurant



Sausage meat is used among a number of our recipes at the restaurant as it is versatile, simple and cost effective, here are three of our favourites for you to try at home.

Usually your local butcher, there are a number of excellent choices in Edwinstowe who will sell good quality sausage meat, however if you do have a mincer it can be made by yourself with minimal effort.

For the sausage meat filling


The great thing about this sausage meat is that it is very adaptable to your own taste or variation for different ingredients. Below are three simple but delicious recipes that use this basic sausage meat recipe.

Our Scotch Eggs. Serves 4



If a Scotch Egg isn’t your thing, try a shortcrust sausage roll



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Thank you to Launay’s for sharing the recipe, they are open for take away orders.